Samuel Lemba Artist statement

born 1999, Kinshasa, CGO

Samuel Lemba is a Liège-raised, Brussels-based painter whose artistic practice ponders over questions of identity in the plurality of its forms. Through his paintings Samuel explores the Self in terms of psychic energy, upbringing, and origins. By merging these topics, he seeks to rewrite the question of identity, without falling into clichés. Moreover, the embodiment of
these identities are not only achieved by the straightforward portrayal of the human body but is also alluded to by insinuating a human shape in space or through the presence of human possessions in the paintings.

Ever since he was a child, Samuel has been observing the world around him and through a mixture of different art media these observations come to life in painting. Paying attention to the mundane aspects of life, he intends to start a conversation with the viewer. The open spaces in his paintings invite the viewer to imagine themselves to be part of the scenery. In this way a dialogue is established between artist and viewer, in which the viewer is encouraged to carefully dissect and called upon to observe the same work multiple times in order to find meaning.

Samuel’s work has been selected for multiple exhibitions over the years through Please Add Color. His work has also been showcased as part of the Black History Month program in Belgium. Currently, Samuel is studying Painting at La Cambre in Brussels.